Funding mental health with open eyes

I am so glad to see the news today that Theresa May is planning to invest millions into helping fund mental health care in England. This a great step in the right direction for mental health to be taken seriously like any other physical condition. They have said every secondary school will receive mental health first aid training, which I thing is such a positive thing. 1 in 4 people suffer with a mental illness and many mental illnesses start through teenage years.

Looking back at my teenage years it is now quiet clear to me that I had mental health issues, but I was completely clueless on how to deal with them and often suffered with depression. I remember listening to someone say that once you were on antidepressants that you would be on them for the rest of your life, so I felt to scared to even ask the doctor about them. I suffered with terrible PMS right until I started antidepressants, I would have fits of rage, breaking things, hitting and the followed by feelings of shame for not being able to control my emotions. I would feel fine one minuet then it was like I was possessed and I wasn’t able to contain my emotions. If I knew what I knew now I would have started taking antidepressants to help with this alone as since starting them I am so much more relaxed and no longer get angry about silly things

For anyone following my story they will know after battling postnatal depression for 18 months I had a breakdown and ended up under the crisis team care. Since I was discharged back in November I have had no other contact besides a ten minuet phone conversation with someone from the Iapt team. I am still waiting on a priority list to see someone and have been prescribed antipsychotics and benzodiazepines to take when needed. I have kept myself positive and have used support groups on Facebook and called Samaritans when I have needed extra support. I find it quiet shocking that someone can be left with no care for so long who was previously suicidal and self-harming.

Since I accepted I have postnatal depression when Mr T was 5 months old and let go of the initial guilt, I have now stopped worrying what other people think about me and I am doing everything I can to help lift the stigma around mental health. I could hide what I went through, but for whose benefit besides the people who find it uncomfortable to talk about it or the ones who do not believe it is a real thing.

Mental illness sucks not just for someone going through it, but for the family and friends who have to support you through it. Everyone can probably relate to it or knows someone who has dealt with it and the more we are open about it, the more we can help each other. I hope the Prime Ministers new plans to invest millions into mental health will help lift the stigma around metal illness so we can progress in this ever challenging world.


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    1. Well done Crystal. There is no point in making things harder for yourself if you have other options. Antidepressants have changed my life and my families x

  1. I really hope so too – but I fear these are more empty promises. The money never seems to get to the front line which is such a shame. Your honesty and openness is fantastic and I think you are being amazingly resilient when the professional support is clearly lacking. I agree lots of us probably suffered with mental ill health in our teen years and just didn’t understand about it. We have someone trained as a ‘mental first aider’ in our school but tbh, though a good start, it’s not enough. I am running mindfulness sessions at lunchtimes to help but still not enough….. I feel like it’s a real up-hill struggle at the moment to help the next generations… sorry for not being more upbeat. Your post will help others I’m sure though. xx #globalblogging
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    1. I get what you mean completely. It seems like a never ending battle to try and get the help out there for people. I think any help with mental health realises on charities as the government doesn’t seem to able to prioritise it enough. At least it gets it in the news though and spreads awareness.

  2. Yes!!! love this post!!! Something really needs to be done regarding mental health in this country (although sadly we are better than others)
    The services (or lack of) when I was pregnant was shocking. I have a history similar to yours and one day Hubby had to phone the emergency midwife as I really wasnt myself and although they put me in for an appointment first thing the next morning – the woman I saw had no idea why i was there and tried to do a routine midwife app even writing in my notes I was in a good mood.

  3. Funding for mental health is key to so many improvements in the NHS, it’s great things look to improve. Good luck with your ongoing recovery 🙂 #BrilliantBlogPosts

  4. The stigma around mental illness really shocks me. As you say – 1 in 4 of us will suffer a mental illness at some point, and yet so many people still feel ashamed of how they are feeling, and that they will be judged or just told to “pull themselves together”, when it is a physical illness that effects the brain and needs to be understood and treated as such. I totally agree that more support needs to be given to teenagers and I’m so pleased that it appears that this is now happening. I salute you for sharing your experiences too lovely. Your words will be a huge support to other people going through the same. Thank you for linking up with us at #DreamTeam xx

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