Becoming a mother made me forget who I was

Becoming a mother made me forget who I was

Becoming a mother made me forget who I was and it was tough. I had to give up so much including my sleep, my full-time wage, jeans that fit and my perky boobs. The person I am today almost five years into motherhood looks very different to the lady I used to know. My make up isn’t done with the same care to attention, my clothes are more comfort than fashion and my hair is in desperate need of a trip to the hairdressers. Why did I lose myself in all this and become ‘just’ mum. Have I lost my true identity and become someone I feared?

The truth is my identity has changed and has not be lost, I have adapted, changed and evolved. I am now superhuman as I can cook a baby in nine months, nourish them with just my milk for six months and survive on little sleep.

Days before children were spent at either work, my bed or the local pub, it was all pretty meaningless and time was just a stop-gap until I started my real life. I know motherhood isn’t for everyone, but for me it was my purpose and my reason to grow.

I now spend my time juggling between being a mum, a worker, a home keeper and a role model and in honesty I do them all pretty well. I have learnt to divide my time (not always well) and priorities so I can give the very best of me. Time off is now appreciated, my days are filled with laughter, my heart is always full and my time is precious.

Becoming a mother made me lose my old self and discover a new self. I am better than before, smarter, happier, determined and focused. My family are my driving force and everything before just seems like a distant dream. My life before becoming a parent was enjoyable, exciting and often dangerous, but my life now has purpose and it’s helped me grow.

Becoming a mother made me forget who I was, but I gained so much more in return.


9 thoughts to “Becoming a mother made me forget who I was”

  1. I really agree with everything you have said. I’m not the same person I was before I had my little boy but equally I don’t think i would want to be. I’m more selfless, have more love in my life and whilst i have less time to myself – i get to share my everyday moments with the most adorable 3 year old! #MarvMondays

  2. Love, love, love this. Me too! Becoming a mum has brought so much more meaning to my life. I know what you mean about life before being ‘meaningless’. I totally get it – I feel the same way. I adore being a mum. I really, really love it. I’m glad you can see that it isn’t about losing yourself, but growing and discovering who you really are. Thanks for linking to #GlobalBlogging
    Lucy | Leaning In recently posted…The Mum Project: Motherhood, marketing and marathonsMy Profile

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