What anxiety feels like for me

What anxiety feels like for me

Everyone feels anxiety to some extent in their lives. It’s a natural reaction from when we had to use the fight or flight to survive. With us no longer being hunters are anxiety now proops up in everyday life and for some can become very exhausting.

For me my anxiety has started from being an unsure child and as I’ve got older it has started to manifest in many aspects of my life. Since becoming a parent it has become a real problem, but it was something I still I had control over until I was pregnant with my second child. Since being pregnant with Mr T I have almost constantly felt on edge leaving the house and doing things I would normally enjoy.

I have tried CBT for my anxiety which I found slighty beneficial, but I still feel the anxiety trying to stop me in my tracks on leading a normal life.

I often force myself to go in my car to go out and I end up turning around and coming home as the worry and panic gets too much for me. I forced myself to go in town a few days ago and walked backwards and forwards unsure what I was doing. Mr T was hungry but I couldn’t bring myself to sit somewhere for lunch. Eventually I found somewhere small to get him lunch and he ate it so quickly as he was that hungry. Anxiety is directly affecting my family and I hate the control it has.

For me to go to my work I have to take lorazepam to get through the day, which then makes me forgetful so I can’t see how that is good for my job. I constantly feel like I am having to be babysat through life just do everyday normal things. If I don’t have someone to babysit me then my children miss out on doing so many enjoyable things.

When things are like this my life is pointless and worthless. I am unable to do anything for anyone or myself and my existence pains me.

The intrusive thought I have, the never-ending playing through conversations I had earlier and struggling to make eye contact, this is all my head goes through every night whilst I am desperate to sleep. Sleep is my release usually but to go sleep is hard to come by and often it is disturb with terrible dreams.

I don’t know how to be happy anymore besides a fake smile and this is a life I hate, but I am desperate to make it change.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty. That is a huge step in heading toward wellness, which you so rightly deserve. It’s a journey, but you will get there if you try. I am sending a hug and healing thoughts. #marvelousMondays xo

  2. Oh no, bless you. I have been suffering from a bit of anxiety and depression recently because of how awful it’s been with Jude at home. I literally can’t cope and am hanging by a shoe string. I’m seeing my doctor this week so hopefully she can help me. Is there a different route to take other than the lorazepam? I hope you get the help you need #FamilyFun xx

    1. Lorazepam is only to be used short term and it is addictive. Antidepressants can help with anxiety otherwise I found CBT really helpful and something I’m going back for. I found a great book called overcoming anxiety which I could do with re-reading x

  3. I am so sorry you are struggling like this. I hope writing this has made you feel a bit better. I recently wrote something similar as I have been suffering with bad anxiety since my son was born xx #postsfromtheheart

  4. Bless you. Just take one day at a time.Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and fake it.Have you thought about splitting your day into sections and like a list doing one thing, tick it off and then do the next thing. It may be more manageable #postsfromtheheart
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  5. I struggle with anxiety too and so I can relate a lot to what you are saying here. It can be so hard, sometimes worse than others – I have dips and peaks over several months. A lot of stuff ‘bothers’ me that I should just be able to shake off as well #stayclassymama

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