A week away from reality – Fuerteventura

We decided to book a holiday a few weeks ago which couldn’t have come at a better time, my parents had already booked to go and we decided to tag along so my mum had a drinking buddy and we had babysitters (win, win). We booked a week away in Fuerteventura staying at our much-loved RIU Olivia Beach Hotel, which we have stayed at on and off for around 20 years. I have some fantastic holiday memories as a child, teenager and a new parent taking Miss J away on her first holiday, so I was happy to take my family back with our not so new addition Mr T. I’m not sure what it is about Fuerteventura but it relaxes me so quickly and easily. Its familiar, like a home away from home, it’s reassuring, comforting and my happy place.


The plane journey wasn’t as bad as I had built up in my head and Mr T had his own seat so was more than happy watching paw patrol and stuffing his face full of crisps and sweets. I enjoyed some prosseco and even managed to get me and Mr T to take a nap together. We got to the hotel in good time and unpacked and found the restaurant so we could take advantage of the all-inclusive food and drink. The rooms here are looking dated and a little shabby, but they are still clean and have everything you need. I did notice the restaurant food was particularly fantastic this year and selection had greatly improved. I struggled to narrow down what I wanted to eat with so many tasty dishes they had on offer. I think I’ve probably gained a stone since being away. What the rooms lack the location makes up for. The beach and views are breathtaking and the beach is as good as any I’ve seen around the world.

I didn't find the journey to bad down to my friend prosecco.
I didn’t find the journey to bad down to my friend prosecco.
Mr T loved having his own seat

We were very lucky with the weather and had temperatures of up to 31.8C with one over cast day out of seven. The children were more than happy in the heat, suntan lotioned up and jumping in and out the pools. Miss J managed to swim a little unaided and got very confident with throwing herself straight in off the side. Me and Miss J got to spend some amazing quality time together swimming and I enjoyed every second of it just being us. My darling husband doesn’t swim and Mr T prefered to play at the side with him whilst me and Miss J explored the deeps.

We ventured out a few times to the local town Corralejo which is around a ten minuet taxi ride away and went out for dinner twice at our favourite restaurant Waikiki. Waikiki is a lovely, friendly restaurant which does some unique eating experiences, you can cook your own meat on a metal sombrero hat, a stone and also in a fondue. On our first trip out for dinner we went with my parents and children and as enjoyable as it was it wasn’t so relaxing. Our second night was our childfree date night and we made the most of having a chilled night out and some cocktails. We took the children down in the day to see the sand sculptures on the beach and to see the local shops. The locals are so welcoming and really love children. I love how the Spanish people embrace family and don’t see children out in a restaurant at 8pm as a hinderance, but as something that is important for them to experience. I love taking my children out in the evening when abroad, and the children did a few 10pm late nights with Miss J falling asleep in the pushchair and Mr T flirting with any lady whose attention he could grab. He’s becoming a real heartbreaker with a love for blonde hair.

Fillet steak cooked on a sombrero hat
Long overdue date night












I felt my anxiety reduce, stress disappear and worry seem a million miles away. I slept a solid 8 hours a night and napped every day for a minimum of an hour. I ate well, didn’t care about diets and embraced being the fat mum in the stomach controlling swimming costume jumping in and out of the pool. I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of me and felt completely happy in my own skin and liberated. I loved myself and my family and squeezed every ounce of happiness I could from it. I laughed with my children, drank and giggled with my mother and held my husband’s hand with love.

Mr T
Mr T

The day we travelled back I turned 29 and I decided that today would be the day that it would all change for me. I would not look back and be sad for what I had missed, but would embrace everything I have to look forward to. I will love being a mother again, I will love my life and will not let the guilt consume me when things aren’t going to plan. Life is what you make of it and I plan to make so much more out of it for me and my family. I have drive, ambition and a head full of ideas and will do everything in my power to make our little family a success. Depression may be a part of me for a long time but it has shown me how to appreciate things again and I will not let it beat me. Fuerteventura has been the break and eye opener I needed to heal.

Miss J
Miss J



Our family visit to see Father Christmas at Frosts

As we did last year we decided to come back and visit Father Christmas at Frosts Garden Centre Willington . Last year we had such a lovely time and it wasn’t even an option not to come back. I decided it was best to get in early and avoid the crowds and to get us in the Christmas spirit after a bad few weeks.


We booked our tickets online and arrived in good time and found it easy to park straight away outside the main doors. Inside the garden centre looks amazing and has really outdone it’s self this year. They’ve added some lovely new displays to have pictures with including a giant polar bear, Aslan the Lion and a unicorn. Miss J was ecstatic about getting to have a picture with a unicorn, but Mr T didn’t feel the same.

Mr T wasn't loving the unicorn like Miss J
Mr T wasn’t loving the unicorn like Miss J

We went off to Santa’s grotto and got all booked in and got to meet the lovely elves and real reindeer’s. The young ladies working as the elves had really got themselves into character and they put so much effort into entertaining my two whilst we waited. With the early booking and start time we were the only ones in our group so we had quiet a special, personal experience.


The elves took us in for a sing-song, a few silly jokes and some making of reindeer food. The elves enthusiasm was magically and my daughter gave it her best to get stuck in despite being a little shy. Mr T was loving the lights and was keen to try and eat the reindeer food.

We were shown into see Father Christmas and sat down for a lovely story, another sing-song and a mince pie. It was lovely to see the same warm, kind face and real beard from last year and Miss J’s face lite up with excitement. Everything about it was magical and everyone kept in character perfectly and actually looked like they loved what they were doing. After a picture and chat we headed off to pick a present and were presented with some candy cains. Miss J took her time deciding from the large selection of toys and settled on a glitter tattoo and bead set whilst Mr T become besotted with an owl puppet. We said our farewells to the lovely elves and made our way back to the main shop.


We spent another hour looking at the toys, displays and getting some new decorations and decided it was time for a pit stop at the restaurant. We got a lovely table over looking the large pond and had some lovely tea and cake before heading home.

We had a great day and have made some lovely Christmas memories. We will be back again next year I’m sure.

Miss J was a bit tired after all the excitement.
Miss J was a bit tired after all the excitement.



Family meal out, but not quite as enjoyable as it sounds. 

We decided we would go for a lovely family meal just a family of four to Frankie and Benny’s. I was extremely prepared and booked a table at a reasonable 6pm and made sure I had Mr T’s babygrow to change him into for when he would no doubt fall asleep on the way home. The idea of a meal out together sounded like a lovely treat but this was only because enough time had passed to forget since our last attempt.

I must admit this meal out was nowhere near as bad as one a few years previous when Miss J decided to projectile vomit as our meals were served at the table, but it was anything but stress free. We were sitted in a booth so I decided to trap Miss J in one end, but for her this just meant she could be more of a pain in the ass by dunking under the table every few minutes.

As us mums do I quickly scanned through the kids menu and ordered the kids meals to come at the same time as our main meal. I picked the first thing I saw after only picking up the menu for myself when the waitress was already there. Obviously we had to order the kids some liquid crack (robinsons fruit shoots) and I watched Mr T pratically hyperventilate at the sight of the bottle. Miss J announced that she needed a wee which was one of three trips to pee and poo we had to do through the meal.

Then we had the wait which in fairness wasn’t long, but obviously the adults meals came out first so the kids got in a ass and when the kids came out they were pretty much the same temperature as lava. Between me and hubby we spent the next five minutes cutting and desperately trying to cool food down whilst Mr T totally lost his shit. Lucky Miss J is pretty self sufficient besides her piping up every now and then asking for more ‘catshit’ (ketchup). Mr T was chucking half eaten bits of pizza on my own plate and shaking his liquid crack all over the place. Once he got bored of his own pizza he then decided to just steal bits of mine whilst rubbing it all over her hair. It’s amazing how quickly as a mother you can eat a whole pizza when under pressure.

As the kids did actually eat most their meal we decided to order desserts. We had a young loved up couple sitting next to us enjoying a meal when Miss J decided to shove a whole wooden menu display at them whilst giving them the dirtiest of looks, as by now she was getting tired and grumpy. We didn’t wait for desserts for long and got Miss J a build your own icecream and kept Mr T quiet with sweets. Unsurprisingly this part of the meal was over pretty quickly so I went off to get Mr T changed into his babygrow whilst hubby paid for the bill. If anyone knows my husband he isn’t the most outspoken so obviously he hadn’t succeeded in paying the bill yet in my absence and Mr T had, had a taste of freedom and was as high as a kite running around like a crazy person in the restaurant in his babygrow. We paid quickly and got out as soon as we could and Miss J managed to steal and handful of balloons on sticks.

On the way home we had a few tears at the start as Miss J wanted the light inside the car as she was scared, but not long into the drive we had two sleeping children and peace at last. I think I’ll give it a few months before we attempt an evening meal out again.