The supermum does not exsist

Since I became a mum five years ago I have noticed the media has shoved this supermum ideal down our throats, making us feel we need to compete and I’m so sick of it. I’m certain this idea has been around longer than I have, but I believe media, social and mainstream have so much to answer for. This competiveness takes the actual goal of being a good mum and instead turns it into some race that will cause upset and guilt. We need to stop comparing ourselves and instead enjoy our own journeys as mums and treasure the time with our children before they grow far too quickly.

Here our some common misconceptions the media want us to believe.

  1. To be supermum you need to ‘snap back’ into your pre baby body so you can ‘flaunt’ your ‘enviable figure’ on the school run. If you are lucky enough to get back into your pre baby clothes 6 weeks after baby or like me two years later you still haven’t, it really doesn’t matter and your child is not judging you by your mum tum, personally I find my mum tum handy for balancing Mr T.
  2. To be Supermum you need to have a job and be mum and do them both with 100% enthusiasm and never compromise. If you are working full time with a baby in nursery or you stay at home, you are working and it’s hard. Do what works for your family and don’t feel guilty if you can’t do it all, it’s hard.
  3. To be supermum you need to breastfeed your baby and have photographic evidence on Facebook showing everyone that you decided to give your baby the best. You also need to bottle feed when out so you don’t offend anyone with a slight nip slip.  Which ever way you feed your baby there seems to be some judgement, stick with what works for you and enjoy your own feeding journey.
  4. To be supermum you need a home like a show home, no toys in sights and everything in it’s perfect place. You also need to buy every new toy in sight and have photographic proof at Christmas and birthdays on social media. If you can afford it, buy it, but try and remember that time spent with children is more valuable.
  5. To be supermum you still need to look good, all the time, hair done, no roots, nails and make up should still be high on your to do list. Personally I do enjoy getting dressed up when I can and I make sure I take a picture for proof that I do actually look nice some time. If you just want to rock a messy bun for the next few years and make up is more like hassle then so be it.
  6. To be supermum you need be the crafting queen, sow, knit, baker, masterchef champion and sporting Olympian. Very few people can do them all, find something you enjoy and stick with it, don’t let Pinterest take over your life.
  7. To be a supermum you need to stop your child from having a dummy or a bottle past 18 months otherwise you are in the lazy parent category. It seems everyone has a opinion on this, but be realistic and do what works for you.

Social media is a polished version, no one is going to upload a picture with a pile of washing in the background, it’s edited to make it look better than it is. Media outlets will always pit women against each other as it get’s the clicks/sales and starts heated debates. We all supermum in our own ways and all have our own battles.


15 thoughts to “The supermum does not exsist”

  1. You had me just with the title! These are some great bits of rubbish that you listed here.

    I sometimes like to look at it the opposite way – all moms are supermoms! (mostly because I want to think of myself as a supermom when I feel like a hot mess) As long as our babies are happy (overall), our families are fed (mostly) healthy meals, and our homes are in (passably) livable condition, we have done our duties. Everything else is just about doing what feels right for our families.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 #globalblogging
    Lexie @ recently posted…The Complete Guide to Building a Diaper StockpileMy Profile

  2. It’s so crazy. I feel sorry for the new moms who believe all the crap they read and hear in the media. I don’t believe for a minute that real moms actually buy into that rubbish!
    Great post.

  3. Love this so much! It’s exhausting, we’re always trying to be this perfect mum but I’ve found that all the mums out there are the perfectly imperfect mums they need to be for their child. : ) You do you! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

  4. Haha, I have a post somewhere called ‘No I’m not superwoman’ or something or other, so had to read your post when I saw it! You know what I think? ALL MUMS ARE SUPERMUMS! Mummying is hard work as is the demands of juggling everything that comes with modern life now, so we should all just be proud of however we are coping and ignore the ‘ideals’ along with any opinionated people 🙂 #brillblogposts

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