Vote for the community nursery of the year

Vote for the community nursery of the year and win

It’s a tough decision that many of us mum’s have to make when we return back to work after maternity leave. Finding a nursery that works for you as a parent and also will be the best option for your little one is not something you enter into lightly. I’m sure if you had to make this decision that you walked around plenty of nurseries, trying to weigh up the pros and cons and most probably had a little cry leaving them on their first day. Soon those days saying goodbye become a little easier and the pick-ups become even more exciting, wondering what new little things that they had learnt that day. You have to trust your nursery by leaving your precious child with them so you can do the other job that you need to do.

When Miss J was a baby we looked around a few nurseries and decided to use a local childminder as it fitted around my work hours better. For us it was the perfect fit and my daughter was perfectly looked after. When I decided to return back to work for the second time once Mr T was 1 we again had the tough choice of what would be best for. We looked again, juggled care and asked friends to help, but eventually we decided that I would work around my husbands shifts. I often think Mr T misses out on the fun of interacting with other children, but for us now this is the best fit and financially works much better for us.

One of my first career ambitions was to work in a nursery and I spent a week doing my work experience in a local one. I really enjoyed the job and loved interacting with the children, but it was exhausting and something I decided wasn’t best for me. I really do admire anyone who has the energy and patience for the job. have had the foresight to see how important a nursery is and have asked us to nominate. The shortlist is now here and voting is open! Vote for your most deserving nursery and help them win a fantastic prize. By helping out you will also be in the running to win a £50 voucher (every week in May) to spend at I’ve just placed an order for some fantastic bits for me and the children and will hopefully be doing a review shortly.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We received a voucher in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own.


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