New years eve and prosecco

New Years Eve after children

New Years Eve isn’t quiet the same now I’ve become a parent. It’s still a night that I stay up until midnight for, have a glass of fizz for, but otherwise it is a little dull, compared to 6 years ago. If you are anything like me, then you are never able to get a babysitter for New Years Eve as your own parents actually have a far more exciting social life than you. My New Years Eve since becoming a parent have consisted of either a party at a friends or at home with a M&S dine in for £20 deal.

My last New Years Eve before children and before being pregnant with our first child was in 2010. On this night we had a house party, then gate crashed a pub party, my husband was dressed as a ballerina and we got home about 4am. The night was messy, we were young and we had so much fun. New Years Eve before children was the only night I would actually be out before 10pm (now that’s when I’m ready for bed) and I would be usually too drunk to remember the clock striking midnight. I would spend more on entry to somewhere than I would on an entire outfit now and would spend a small fortune on a double fare taxi home.

My last New Years Eve before getting pregnant.

These days New Years Eve is very different event and pretty pointless one at that. If I am fortunate enough to receive a New Years Eve invite it is now around a friend’s house, it’s a bring your own bottle and make sure you don’t forget your child when leaving kind of party. One parent will always now be driving as there is no way we can handle the prospect of a long taxi wait or even worse the double priced taxi fare home. The party is low key, we talk about school problems, the children are running around, over tired and hyped at the prospect of seeing midnight. The problem is the children don’t last and need to go to bed, one of our group is probably pregnant and one of us has probably just had a baby.

The other option for us is to stay in, watch Jools Holland, have a few drinks and be in bed as soon as the last firework has lite up London. We don’t dare drink excessively as no one wants a hangover whilst dealing with children who show a complete disregard to having a lay in, even after a 11pm bedtime. Not only are they up early they will also be whingeing all day, overtired from the sleep they missed the night previous. I still have dreams that in a few years we can spend New Years Eve dancing around as a family like the scene from The Holiday, but only time can tell.

A more civilized New Years Eve with my sister last year.

I’ll leave my nights out to another day in the year, where it isn’t too busy, I don’t have to pay to get into a pub, I can afford a taxi home and most importantly I can get a babysittter. On the bright side at least I always get a kiss at midnight, even if it maybe my sleeping children.

Happy New Year to you all, see you in 2017.