Mr T's birth story

Mr T’s birth story

I love a good birth story, click here for Miss J’s and now Mr T is almost two I think it’s time to share the story of how he came into this world. I think watching One Born Every Minute has also inspired me to write it down. I had a pretty rotten pregnancy with Mr T with lots of bleeding at the start and I was told on our second scan at 8 weeks I had a large hematoma next to my placenta and I could lose the baby. I had eight scans in total, had awful SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunaction) and really struggled getting around in the second half of my pregnancy. I saw a Osteopath weekly to help with the discomfort, but felt stuck either at work or home, unable to get around with a toddler. I’m pretty sure this is where my depression and also anxiety started. I cancelled plans constantly and just stayed at home crying wishing for my pregnancy to hurry up and be over, thinking I would immediately feel better once the baby was here.

I started having some twinges at 35 weeks and ended up in hospital where it was determined that I was very anemic and tachycardic and needed to be put on iron tablets and I was sent home after monitoring. A week later I was sent back in with irregular contractions and was kept in for monitoring where things seemed to be progressing nicely. I had spoken of my desire for an epidural from the start after a succesful one after a very painful back to back labour with my daughter and my midwife was more than happy to oblige and send for one. The midwife decided it was time to break my waters, but before then she decided to tell me as I had polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) that the babies umbilical cord could come out first and I would need to put my bum in the air and have an emergency c-section. I went tachycardic again, blood pressure was high and babies heartbeat went a bit crazy, so they held off and decided to put a cannulae in instead to check for preeclampsia. The midwife made four failed attempts, and plenty of squirting blood to get a cannulae in and then decided to send for an anaesthetist. Luckily the anaesthetist got it in first time and gave the midwife a telling off for buturing my arm and hand. With all the panic my contractions slowed right down and I was feeling a bit of an emotional wreck. My test for preeclampsia came back negative and I was sent off to the ward to ‘rest’. Anyone who has been on one of those wards, knows unless your sedated you don’t rest. By the next morning everything had settled, my iron was increased again and I was sent back home and they said they were certain they would see me again in a few days.

I went back to work the next day, I still can’t believe I managed to finish off my last couple of days until maternity leave started. Once maternity leave had started I was feeling pretty determined to get the baby out. I think having the whole experience of being in hospital with everything ready to go, to then being sent on your way home I was just ready to meet my baby and also I was terrified that when my waters broke the umbilical cord would come out first and I would have to call 999 like instructed to. In those few days I got pretty miserable sitting around bouncing on my ball with contractions starting and stopping. My husband was working 12 hour shifts and I was at home with a very energetic almost three-year old.

On the Saturday whilst bouncing about on my ball the news came on saying that Kate Middleton was in labour, all I thought was lucky bloody cow. My friend called to meet for lunch in town, but I declined as I really thought my waters would break if I went out. I felt like I could feel my waters bulging and in the end decided to drive to my mum’s for some company and help with my daughter. My husband was due to go from work straight to a friend’s house to watch a fight on TV and my sister insisted on coming over to my house for a Chinese. Contractions started to pick up again and my sister started to time them. My sister was my birth partner and was very anxious to get to the hospital, I knew the drill and knew I would be sent home and couldn’t be bothered with the fuss of getting my daughter out of bed. Things again calmed down and I managed to persuade my sister to leave. I went upstairs immediately and went for a number 2 (haha) when I noticed I was leaking and had no control over it, I thought I had become incontinent, then I thought maybe it was my waters. I laid on the bed for a few minutes as you are advised and then stood up, when I felt a huge gush of water. I immediately phoned my sister back who already had her phone on her lap when driving, as she had a feeling I would go into labour that night. My sister woke Miss J up to tell her she was going to be a big sister and we rushed off to drop a sleepy, confused Miss J with my parents and headed to hospital.

Hubby beat us to the hospital and I went up to be examined where I was told I was 2cm so I was sent home. I was convinced everything would be all go when my waters broke and all the contractions I had earlier, so I stayed at my sister’s house which is much closer to the hospital and my husband was sent off to watch the rest of the fight around a friend’s house. My waters kept going and going, but I didn’t even have so much as of a backache. I tried to sleep as best as I could and in the morning my sister dropped me back home so I could rest. I was due to go back to the hospital at 8pm to be induced so I decided to sort the house, have a shower and a long nap. Everything was in order and at 6pm I went to my mum’s for my requested dinner of pie. Everything was so calm and it was so surreal to drive around with no water around my baby. We went off to the hospital for 8pm and a pessary was inserted to hopefully induce labour.

Relaxing through a contraction.

I attempted to sleep with terrible heartburn and mild backache and my husband and sister were sent home for the night. Morning came and I was checked again and the midwife said she could still feel my hind waters so she broke them and I was put on a drip. contractions were manageable and I put off having the epidural and just had gas and air. Five hours in and I was 5cm’s dilated and things went from being ok to horrendous. I begged for an epidural which only made my bum cheek numb. My midwife had to go off on her break and another came into cover. I kept telling her I felt the need to push and she kept shouting at me that I wasn’t ready as I was only 5cm. I decided to push anyway just as my midwife came back and confirmed I was fully dilated and two pushes later my baby boy was delivered at 37 weeks. He was born at 6:01pm was grey, squished and a perfect 7 ib’s and 1 oz.

Born at 37 weeks weighing 7ibs 1oz

I was bleeding heavily after labour and was 50ml off being classed as hemmoraged. I was put on an iron transfusion and left to lay in bed for two hours unable to move. I managed to get Mr T to have a feed after struggling to get him to latch at first, but otherwise I was so exhausted I didn’t have the energy to really hold him. I was put on the high dependency ward at 11pm and my sister and husband were sent home. I was given tramadol to help with the pain in my hips and spent the night a bit off my face being handed a baby to feed. The next day I begged to go home and made out that I felt fine. My iron was still low and I was given tablets and was discharged after lunch.

Looking back I was no way ready to have gone home and I think the lack of iron contributed to my postnatal depression, I was bleeding for ten weeks after birth and was constantly exhausted but refused to go and get help. If I did it again I would have done things differently. Even though the pregnancy was tough the actual labour was really straight forward and I am so happy to have a perfect little boy in our family.

Happy nearly two years Mr T x



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  1. I also enjoy a birth story, there is nothing quite like giving birth, is there? When I had my third, it was my first with my second husband, I warned him that I tended to do it quickly, we just about got to hospital on time I can still see the look of shock on his face when our son was born #brilliantblogs@_karendennis

  2. I loooove birth stories. They are all so unique. I also suffered from SPD. It’s so debilitating! I can’t believe it only took you two pushes for your baby to come out! Wonderful story. Happy two years! #stayclassymama

  3. Oh wow what a different experience we had. I love reading these stories as it just shows how different everyone labour is. It sounds quite long and dramatic and I am sure you were glad once it was all over and your little man was here safe and sound. Well done though love it sounds a lot to get through! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun
    tammymum recently posted…Sharing more than just DNAMy Profile

  4. Wow, it sounds like you had a very drawn out labor. Way to stay strong and keep going for your baby!
    I love your comment about Kate Middleton being “a lucky bloody cow.” Hahaha. Every time that I would see someone on TV have a baby after I was around 36 weeks I would say “why does she get to have a baby and I don’t?” My husband didn’t find my impatience amusing.
    I was so surprised by how long it took for the bleeding to stop after I had my son. No wonder postpartum healing is so exhausting!

    Thanks so much for sharing on #marvmonday. I really enjoyed reading your story.

    1. I remember feeling so when anyone had a baby before me in my due in May group haha. At least I didn’t have to go overdue like my daughter (8 days late).

  5. i love how reading birth stories the mum always wants to push to be told its not time, but then it is and the mother was right! the first sign of mums instinct coming through!
    I hated the going in and out of hospital to be told go back home dammit! #stayclassymama

  6. Oh bless you. I think the aftercare after you have a baby is a lot to be desired. I was left numb up to the chin then told off because I was not changing or feeding my baby. I was anaemic when they discharged me and struggling to heal from surgery and also think it contributed to how I felt after birth, I got very low. You sounds like you managed amazingly with a very drawn out labour. Thank you for sharing your story #stayclassymama xx

  7. Oops. I really shouldn’t read these as they scare me but I just can’t help myself! Would you mind indulging my worried curiousity? When your waters break and “just keep going”… how do you manage it? Don’t worry if you don’t want to answer. Thanks #Dreamteam

    1. I did have loads of water and it just kept leaking until I delivered, so over 24 hours. Unfortunately its a case of wearing massive thick pads and changing them constantly. I did have a condition where I had more water than usual and with my daughter they were broken in labour and went in one go.

  8. Aww, I love a birth story. It’s so interesting to read when every single one seems to be SO different. I was also low in iron and packed off with some tablets and scary warnings about sepsis! I’m amazed you remembered so well, I think I’ve forgotten half of mine already and J is 8 months. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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