I never knew how much I needed a boy in my life until I got one. 

“I never knew how much I needed a boy until I got one” were wise words passed on to me by a friend when I was pregnant with Mr T, and boy she was right. I was so happy to find out that Miss J was a girl as I felt I needed a girl so much in my life. I have a very close relationship with my mum and my sister and really didn’t get boys growing up. I was girlie girl and spent my whole childhood playing with barbies, dolls and polly pockets. Miss J was everything I had dreamed off, she liked to be clean, played delicately with her toys and had a beautiful soft voice. We lived in a pink bubble for three years and it was magical.

When I went for out gender scan I was excited to find out what we were having, but if I could have chosen I probably would have said another girl as having a sister is all I ever knew and I dreamed that Miss J would have the same closeness as us. We found out Mr T was a boy and headed straight to the shops to get some bits, but I couldn’t be helped heading to girls sections. I figured out that I needed to find what I wanted for a boy and started looking at Pintrest for ideas on nursery’s and clothes.

I really enjoyed getting everything ready for Mr T and styling it all, but was completely unsure what to expect with a boy. Mr T arrived 3 weeks early and my heart filled with love. Mr T is messy, gross, loud and naughty. He’s a complete contrast to Miss J and has definitely shaked things up in our house for the best.

Mr T is incredibly loving and likes nothing more than a big cuddle and kiss. He eats anything and everything whilst rubbing it all over himself. He has helped me and Miss J to get out of comfort zones and to get messy and act crazy. Mr T pulls his sisters hair, jumps on her, but every morning after his milk he gets out of my bed and goes straight to his sisters room for a cuddle in bed with her.

Mr T has completed our family for now and the bond him and sister have is beautiful. Our house is no longer just pink, it now has trucks and trains. Miss J loves to play with her brother and get messy and he loves playing with her barbie car. I never knew how much I needed a boy until I got one.



4 thoughts to “I never knew how much I needed a boy in my life until I got one. ”

  1. I wanted a girl and was absolutely convinced that Jaxon was a girl until they told me in theatre that I had a boy. At first I had this moment of sadness because I was so convinced about having a girl but then it was gone and my heart was full of love for this beautiful little boy. As a teen I always got on with boys better – I just didn’t get girls and didn’t like the drama that seemed to come with friendships with girls. So actually having a boy seems to work better for me. It means I’m outnumber in my house even more but you know what, they get that sometimes I just need girl time so hubby and 17yo foster son will tag team on “babysitting” so that I can get out one or two evenings a week by myself without one of them needing my attention. Sometimes it’s knitting group and sometimes it’s just a wander round the supermarket or something but just those few precious moments are what I need to get through the rest of the week lol.

  2. Awe that could have been written by me. I have a sister I’m very close to and didn’t quite know what to do when Ifou do one of my twins is a boy. But he truly is the greatest blessing I could have asked for.

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