Making Christmas special through postnatal depression

Something I can now find overwhelming, is when there is some big event coming up that I should be enjoying. I find there is so much pressure to enjoy Christmas day and after lasts year when I was deep in my postnatal depression I was a little worried how it would be. Last year Mr T was 7 months old and I had started antidepressants a couple of months earlier, I was extremely anxious and feeling pretty disconnected from the whole thing. I painted a smile on my face, some make-up and drank a fair amount of baileys in the hope it would improve my spirit. Looking back through pictures I just feel sadness that I wasn’t able to enjoy my baby sons first Christmas, so this year I felt I wanted to make up for it.

This year, even  though I was determined to make it a great Christmas, I wasn’t very organised and brought my last present on Christmas Eve. I would usually be frantically shopping around for Black Friday deals, but instead I was relaxing in the sun in Fuerteventura. I was kind to myself this Christmas, I wrapped a few presents each night, whilst watching Christmas films, didn’t spend a fortune on my children as I knew they would be spoilt by family, I made sure that I got a present I really wanted (Canon 1300D DSLR camera) and I made sure I took the time running up to Christmas enjoying my family and embrace Christmas. I even managed to get a night out with my girlfriends and have a great night in a new local prosecco bar. I think being back at work this year helped me get in the mood, as not only was it Christmas it was also a break away from work for just over a week. If I can I always try to be thoughtful of other, but after this last year I felt I had taken more from the world than given back so I decided to set myself a task of doing something thoughtful every for 11 days before Christmas, I am happy to say that I completed all these little tasks, which made me feel fulfilled before Christmas.

Christmas day this year really was lovely besides waking up to Mr T, covered in poo, half way up his back. The children woke at respectable 8am and Miss J patiently waited upstairs, whilst her brother was bathed. It really was magical watching the children open their presents and watch the excitement in their faces. After presents we went around to my parents house for the second round of presents with my sister and her husband. We had a lazy morning, opening and putting together multiple children’s toys and I even managed to have a play with my camera. My mum put on the most fantastic Christmas lunch and after collapsing into a meat coma for a couple of hours we headed to my mother in laws house for round three of presents.

My mother in law loves nothing more than Christmas and never fails to disappointment in making it a lovely day for the children. My two children got to spend the afternoon playing with their four other cousins, running around and playing games. My mother in law does a separate Christmas tree covered in prizes for the children, they pick a raffle ticket and get to find there present on the tree, which the children love.

All six cousins together

The whole day was beautiful, filled with laughter, love and far too much food. I’m so glad I was able to fully embrace Christmas day and appreciate the time spent with our family.

My parents cat really got into the Christmas spirit


Why it sucks to be a poorly mother

Why it really sucks to be a poorly mother

Being poorly is always rubbish and is always an inconvenience, but when you’re a parent it’s so much worse. unfortunately when you are a mother and poorly you can’t just call in sick and you just have to suck it up and get on with it.  I’ve compiled a list of why being a sick mother is really rubbish.

  • You can’t just sleep it off and rest. You still have to get when the dictating sleep thief decides to wake. You still have to make the breakfast, still do the school run, still have to wash up and still have to do the bedtime bath routine.
  • If you can’t take any good drugs when breastfeeding. Which is the one thing I hate about breastfeeding is that when I’m full of snot and cold I can’t take any decongestants and I have to soldier on through with paracetamol and Vicks. Also you can’t take any thing that would make you more drowsy as you need all the strength you can get to ‘parent’.
  • You can’t just cough your guts up in the middle of the night and have to muffle the sound with your pillow for fear of waking the children. Thais just one less hassle you could do without right now.
  • You know that this nasty illness you have will be spread to your child if they didn’t give it to you or you got poorly whilst your little one is poorly, you’ve then got to deal with a very dramatic and upset child whilst poorly yourself.
  • Leading on from the last one, you have the fear that your poor darling husband could also get poorly and you’ll then have to look after a giant man-child too. Nothing is worse than a poorly child than a poorly husband desperate for sympathy.
  • You are reminded that you aren’t a superhero and sometimes you do just need to sit on your bum and watch films back to back whilst giving the kids whatever they want for some peace.

One good thing about being a poorly mummy is that your child will not care how rough you look and still want cuddles and snuggles from you.