Gullivers and JCB Experience

Gullivers and JCB Experience

I was recently approached to visit Gullivers in Milton Keynes and to see the new JCB accommodation. With half term fast approaching and a two and half year old JCB enthusiast, it would have been silly for me to pass up. With two adults and three children in tow we hoped we wouldn’t be out numbered and struggle with reaching the needs for five and six year old girls, whilst keeping an impatient two and half year old entertained.

We were particularly lucky with the weather and had an unseasonably warm day and we also got to see all the fabulous Halloween decorations and displays. Once inside we checked the map and decided we would try to see as much of the park as possible by planning a methodical route (as much as can be with three kids). My daughter was very happy as since her last visit she has grown enough to now go on some rides with just her friend, which left me free to take Tristan on some of the smaller rides.

All five of us decided to get on the teacups and I let my partner be in charge of spinning it, I can say that was a very bad idea and I felt very sick and dizzy by the end, the kids on the other hand, including my partner (the biggiest kid) all loved it.

For lunch we went to the food hall and agreed on fish and chips. The food was good quality and the wait was minimal. My only gripe was that the seating was extremely cramped. My partner is 6’4′ and disabled and he was in a lot of discomfort trying to sit. I also found as a parent that it wasn’t practical to try to stick a high chair on the end. I think a make over is long overdue and a look into more practical seating to suit everyone with different needs should be addressed.

After lunch my partner took the kids to the JCB zone and I went to have a sneak peek at the new JCB accommodation. Although small the JCB cabin is perfect for a family of four and has all the amenities that you require. You have a pull out double bed, TV, shower room, tea station and outside area, but for me the bunk beds were especially cool and would suit any JCB enthusiasts such as my son. The new JCB cabins will be available over Christmas to book a special Santa sleepover package, for any JCB lovers out there, click here to book. I think it’s something I will certainly have to look into for Tristan for next year.

Gullivers JCB Accomadation
Gullivers JCB Accommodation

After my twenty minutes of peace viewing accommodation, I descended back into the madness of the kids in the JCB zone. Tristan was especially happy with his ‘digga’ and seemed to be getting hold of the controls well, his sister on the other hand takes after me and isn’t as technically minded. With a busy day, nap time fast approaching and the promise of ice cream we headed off into the centre MK to rest our legs.

All in all the day was a success, all kids and adults were exhausted and many fun and happy memories were made. Thank you for having us Gullivers and will be sure to visit again soon.


*I was gifted this day out to review, all opinions are my own.*


Making a occasion special with a personalised gift from Gifts Online 4 U

If you are anything like me you like to surprise a friend or loved one with something unique and personal for a special occasion, but having the time or the energy to make something yourself is often just a distant fantasy, life is hard and sometimes you need to just get off of Pinterest despite your best intentions and get someone else to do all the hard work for you. Life is hard especially when you throw work, families, children and the many over commitments we seem to always be juggling, so when Gifts Online 4 U contacted me recently about their beautiful personalised engraved champagne bottles I jumped at the chance knowing I had a Hen Party fast approaching for a very dear friend. My friend is like me and loves anything with a sentimental message and she’s a big fan of the bubbly stuff, win, win!

Engraved Champagne
The beautifully engraved Champagne.

This website isn’t just a one trick pony and goes above and beyond so you can find a special gift for even the most awkward family member with over 4,500 personalised gifts to choose from. The website is easy to navigate and split through categories and has plenty of stuff for the forever awkward men folk in our life. I found there was a great selection for what ever budget you had and it was easy to narrow down. The order process was simply and it was easy to fill in the form to make your personalised message for your gift. I was surprised how quick the turn around time was, especially as it was personalised, so having something personal doesn’t mean long delivery times.

I am confident that I will use the website again for other occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthdays and what makes me love it even more is that 99% of the gifts are manufactured in-house in Lincolnshire. Ordering from Gifts Online 4 u is a personalised experience to find the perfect gift for anyone.

For gifts with a bit of added luxury I love the look of the Personalised Champagne bottles and think these would be the perfect gift for any wedding and if you want to go the extra mile these Personalised Champagne Flutes are elegantly stunning.

Personalised Mr and Mrs Vintage Champagne Gift with Pewter Label
Personalised Mr and Mrs Vintage Champagne Gift with Pewter Label



Personalised engraved butterfly flutes
Personalised engraved butterfly flutes, perfect gift for a wedding, especially with one of the personalised Champagne bottles.

The bride to be was really impressed with the thoughtful gift and said the champagne was drunk the following Sunday with the family whilst the bottle has been kept as a lovely memento to a very slightly messy hen party weekend in Cambridge. The engraving on the bottle was beautifully detailed and I was impressed with how well packed it was delivered to me.

To the lovely bride to be Lianne.

*I was gifted the engraved champagne gift from Gifts Online 4 U. All opinions are my own.*

Gousto Review

Gousto review and £20 off your first and second box

Last week I was offered the chance to try a Gousto box for free, which I obviously couldn’t refuse. I love food and me and my husband both enjoy cooking, I’m more of a freestyle chef who likes to make it up as I go along ,whilst my husband likes to stick to a recipe. I found the website easy enough to use, a good selection of recipes and we waited just a couple of days for delivery.

The box came on Monday and was dropped off in our porch, ready for when I got back home. The boxes stay cool for up to 24 hours so if you’re not in, it’s not a problem. I decided to hang fire cooking the meals until my husband had a couple of days off work so I wasn’t cooking the meal for just one person.

Everything was packed nicely, labelled, measured out and made easy for preparation. We got a free wooden spoon and recipes came on a card so we could keep it if we decided we wanted to make it again.

I happily went off to work that day knowing that I would have dinner cooked for me when I got home. My husband cooked the Hoisin Meatballs and Chinese Sesame Rice on the first night and I can honestly say it was so tasty and surprisingly filling. The recipe took around 30 minuets to prepare and cook and the meal came in at under 700 calories.

The next day I happily trotted off to work and kept myself motivated at the thought of the tasty dinner that would await. The second meal my husband cooked was the Indonesian Chicken Rendang. I wasn’t sure it could out do the meal from the previous evening, but it did. Again we had another tasty meal prepared and cooked in less than half hour and 600 calories.

I think I will order again from Gousto, not every week, but I like the idea of trying out meals I wouldn’t usually want to commit buying all the ingredients for. These recipes are tried and tested and are restaurant quality meals that are fairly low in calories.

If you fancy trying out your first and second Gousto box with £20 off, use code: TORNADO 

Ladies day out in London - B-bakery afternoon tea bus tour

Ladies day out in London – B-bakery afternoon tea bus tour

Last week I was lucky enough to get into London and enjoy a lovely day out with my mum and sister, enjoying afternoon tea and some sightseeing. More often than not I get too busy and my days are taken up with the children and our days are focused on keeping them entertained. After a rocky few months I have been making an effort to do more things for myself again and thought it would a good opportunity to spend some quality time with my mum and sister.

My sister works in London so me and my mum caught the train into London to meet her for midday from work. My sister made the suggestion of a lovely Italian called Harry’s pizzeria in Black Friars and it was even warm enough to enjoy our meal outside. We enjoyed some pizza and people watching and started planning our route to take around London for the day. If I’m honest I still get a bit nervous around London and getting lost. Anyone who knows me well, will know that I often end up getting lost when driving and I’m not much better with trains. I managed to get lost getting home from my daughters swimming lesson the other day around 3 miles from my house, my daughter even tells me to get the sat nav out and has learnt her left and right from it at around 2 years old.

Harry's pizzeria, Black Friars, London
Harry’s pizzeria, Black Friars, London

As the weather was so nice and we had time, we decided to walk down the Thames and enjoy the sights on our way to Trafalgar Square. I managed to get some great pictures and work up an appetite for our afternoon tea bus tour. I’ve done many afternoon teas in the past and love nothing more than tea and cake, so as you can imagine I was really excited to try this out and loved the quirkiness of having a tour around London at the same time. I loved the vintage look to the bus and how well done it all was, even the tiniest details really made it such an amazing experience. Even if the bus didn’t move it still would have been magical. The staffs were friendly and efficient and the cakes, omg the cakes were just amazing. We had so much lovely food to eat and plenty of tea in our tummies and still had left overs to take home in a little box. The tour was so much fun and you felt a little bit like a celebrity with everyone eager to snap pictures of the bus as it passed by. I’ve promised my daughter that when she’s five I will take her along. Booking information for B-Bakery is here, they also have a bakery you can visit in Covent Garden and do afternoon tea cruise tours.

B-Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
B-Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
The amazing scones B-bakery bus tour
The scones were amazing

Following on from amazing afternoon tea and some very full tummies we headed off to the pier for our city cruise sightseeing tour. We sat on the top deck and enjoyed listening to our extremely funny tour guide. The pictures I got were fab and it was lovely to see the city from a different angle. I found the tour informative, staff helpful and toilet facilities on board much better than any public London toilet. Prices for tickets are very reasonable and snacks and drinks on board are good for London prices. Check out their website and see the different option available, book tickets here

City Cruises Sightseeing Tour

The day went perfectly and I’m already planning my next trip into London for wine and cheese tasting.

*I received services and products for free in this blog post to review. All opinions are my own and are honest*